• Manicure

    Hand soak, cuticle removing, expert shaping bufffed and basic polish.

    Order Manicure Basic @ Rp.60,000.00
  • Manicure with Art+Polish
    Order Manicure with Art+Polish
  • Manicure with French
    Order Manicure with French
  • Manicure with Polish
    Order Manicure with Polish
  • Nail Acrylic – Nail Extension
    Order Nail Acrylic - Nail Extension
  • Pedicure

    Feet soak, rough skin removed, shaping buffed & basic polish.

    Order Pedicure Basic @ Rp.75,000.00
  • Pedicure with Art+Polish
    Order Pedicure with Art+Polish
  • Pedicure with French
    Order Manicure with French
  • Pedicure with Polish
    Order Pedicure with Polish
  • Polish Only (Hand or Feet)
    Order Polish Only (Hand or Feet)
  • Shellac
    Order Shellac
  • Spa (Mani + Pedi + Polish)
    Order Spa (Mani + Pedi + Polish)

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