Full Body Massage

  • Balinese Full Body Is a full body, deep tissue, it mixes acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy.
    Order Balinese Massage
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Is a full body start with face massage, the oil help improves the skin condition, protect it from sun damage.
    Order Virgin Coconut Oil 60 mins @ Rp.175,000.00
  • Thai Massage Is a stretching full body massage with focuses on circulation and pressure point (no oil).
    Order Thai Massage
  • Shiatzu Is an old traditional Japanese acupressure massage (no oil).
    Order Shiatzu
  • 20 Fingers Full Body Is a full body massage served by 2 therapyst with aromateraphy.
    Order Royal Thai Massage
  • Swedish Classic Massage Is a full body massage to treat sore muscle, tension, stress, poor circulation.
    Order Swedish Classic SOMETHING STRONG!!
  • Slimming (Anti Cellulite) Is a massage to rid off cellulite naturally, quickly, and easily.
    Order Slimming (Anti Cellulite)
  • Ayur Veda Is an Indian technique full body massage which is very soft, gentle and relax massage.
    Order Ayur Veda
  • Sunburn A gentle massage to refresh your body and skin from sun damage with aloe vera cooling gel.
    Order Sunburn

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